Dynamic Marketing Breakfast Sparks Conversation about Media Partnerships

By Natalie Simone Meade

To kick off the week here in Cannes, IPG Mediabrands hosted a Dynamic Marketing Breakfast. Over croissants and iced coffee on the terrace, Michael Kassen, Chairman and CEO of Medialink, moderated a panel of some of the most powerful people in the industry – all who seem to have one common goal: work together to reach a specific cohort of consumers across all media to leverage ROI.

Linda Yaccarino, Chairman of Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships of NBC Universal, and Jim Bankoff, Chairman and CEO of Vox Media, mentioned that their partnership is a way to better target consumers using a proprietary technology called “Concert.” Together, they reach target audiences by offering their platforms in conjunction.

Traditionally, addressable media buys are often placed in silos. This methodology leads to targeted audiences, but the scale is sacrificed.  The answer, says Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia, is fostering companionships between sellers.

Henry Tajer, Global CEO of IPG Mediabrands, took a dynamic angle on the addressable conversation and said that media buyers and sellers need to focus on attention strategy. When that happens, companies like Nielsen might matter even more because ratings are turning out to be an esoteric media currency.

Although Tajer’s comment poked Yaccarino’s pride, she agreed, and pointed out that last fall, she and her research team realized that CNBC was only measured in nine Nielsen homes. That is not a large enough sample to adequately measure viewing habits by using C3 ratings.

The answer, beyond expanding the Nielsen currency to C7 ratings, dynamic marketing means that buyers and sellers need to take risks in terms of partnerships, and experiment with new strategies and ideas to reach and keep pace with consumer viewing habits.

“It’s not about selling ratings and day parts anymore, now we are selling audiences,” said John Martin, Chairman and CEO, Turner.

Jeff Lucas, Head of Sales and Marketing at Viacom, and Henry Tajer agree that with all of these complexities and fragmentation of audiences, there are commonalities. The measurement between digital and traditional media may not be equal, but the end goal is the same: to develop unique marketing strategies that find ideal audiences on each one of their screens.

Natalie Meade
Natalie Meade
Natalie Meade is a media investment buyer at ID Media and a (very) recent graduate from the Columbia Journalism School. She’s a writer, yogi, foodie and music junkie. You can follow her on Instagram & Twitter